sæin – sea foam


“Sea Foam” is a debut EP from sæin. Stay tuned for sæin’s self-titled album.

Sæin To be released Fall 2018


sæin :: Sea Foam

1. zaõ (intro)    1′ 33
          2. theme for sea foam soldier   2′ 14            
3. marching on (interlude)   1′ 20
          4. theme for sea foam soldier – reprise    2′ 07             
5. snow and sea foam (outro)    1′ 33

(P) sæin music uk

all instruments and voices by sæin.             
original artwork by jakub niedziela .
all rights reserved (C) 2018 sæin music uk              
also available on spotify, amazon, deezer, iTunes and apple music.
distributed by routenote.

recorded in the digital domain by an analogue brain.


Sæin is a New Age/electronica project produced by a London based screen composer Mike Hoffman. Sæin is Mike’s alter ego navigating different styles to design a contemporary musical language that’s impactful and relevant.